Celebrating the 60th Milestone with Dr. Erica Frank

For her 60th birthday milestone, we reflect positively on Dr. Frank’s accomplishments as a scientist, inventor, researcher, professor, founder, philanthropist, mother, daughter, wife, friend, and mentor. On Friday, 17th June, Dr. Frank celebrated her 60th Birthday virtually with the team at NextGenU.org, her family, friends, peers, and mentees. Although a virtual affair, it was celebrated with immense pomp and vigor. All the invitees took a trip down memory lane as they reflected on her life’s journey, shared their stories, and expressed their admiration and praise for Dr. Frank and her accomplishments. 

Present and past colleagues spoke fondly of interactions with her. Mrs. Chickering, the Chief Executive Officer at the Frank Foundation and a close friend of Dr. Frank, complimented her resilience and bravery in pursuing her endeavors. Her son, Ridge Frank-White, who was also present, reflected on the special bond he shares with his mother and remarked that he looks forward to seeing her shift more paradigms in the upcoming years. In particular, her mentees spoke fervently about having been influenced by her passionate work to pursue their different career paths. Dr. Maser, a past mentee, also credited Dr. Frank for being instrumental in the success of his research and influencing his career path as a Clinician -Scientist. Invitees lauded her for her research expertise, valuable mentorship, and her passion and commitment to creating a world where equitable and quality learning opportunities exist for all.

The Promotion Team presented her with a virtual birthday card with birthday greetings and best wishes from friends and colleagues, which she can keep safe and access anytime she wants. To end the virtual festivities, the NextGenU.org team serenaded Dr. Frank to one of her favorite songs, Marvin Gaye’s ‘You’re All I Need To Get By’. With Dr. Frank at the core of all efforts and projects, we know that “we got the right foundation” to achieve the greater good and pave the way for better education for all.