Universal Health Day

Universal Health Coverage Day is observed on December 12th annually; this year signifies the start of the World Health Organization’s 75th anniversary of working to achieve health for all. This day is promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) to hold leaders accountable for making the necessary investments for improving and increasing efforts toward achieving “Health for All.” Universal Health Coverage encompasses helping people out of poverty, promoting global well-being, and protecting populations from public health crises.  

In the past 20 years, according to the WHO, the Universal Health Coverage service index in the Western Pacific increased from 49 to 80, reflecting notable enhancements in access to vital health services. Although we celebrate this progress, it is imperative to recognize that many countries and vulnerable, isolated populations still experience healthcare hardships, including financial hardship and inequities in service coverage. 


This year’s theme, “Build the world we want: A healthy future for all,” underscores the objective of global access to quality healthcare without financial hardship. The campaign for 2022 aims to acknowledge the accomplishments and positive movements already achieved toward Universal Health Coverage and raise awareness on the call for continuous efforts from governments to heighten investments toward building robust and sustainable health systems. 

NextGenU.org acknowledges that we must all continue to advocate for Universal Health Coverage. We recognize the need for unceasing work and collaboration in order to steadily progress toward securing a healthy future for all. NextGenU.org remains committed to strengthening healthcare systems through education by offering courses in health sciences that are free worldwide. We firmly support the WHO’s view that Universal Health Coverage should always be a priority and that successful health systems must work for everyone. 


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Alixandria Ali