Miriam Chickering, NextGenU.org’s CEO, Mobilizing Accessible,
Global Healthcare Education

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, access to quality education for healthcare professionals is paramount. Miriam Chickering, CEO of NextGenU.org, is at the forefront of a transformative movement to bridge the healthcare education gap worldwide. Recently featured in CIO Women magazine, Miriam’s pioneering efforts in democratizing healthcare education are commendable and inspiring.

The Mission of NextGenU.org


NextGenU.org is committed to providing free, high-quality education to healthcare professionals throughout the world, ensuring a well-prepared workforce for the future. Through its initiatives at Public Health U, Humanitarian U, The Addiction Training for Healthcare Professionals Program, and STEPS (primary STEM for students and teachers), NextGenU.org aims to democratize education across the healthcare sector.

Transforming Lives through Equitable, Accessible Education


Under Miriam Chickering’s leadership, NextGenU.org offers a full Master’s Degree in Public Health, a PhD in Global Health, and a Master’s in Education for Health Professionals, fostering an inclusive learning community. Learners have access to over 100 courses, including courses in community medicine, psychiatry, mental health and addiction, refugee health, and oncology, pediatric, and medical-surgical nursing.


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