Lifelong Customer Podcast:
‘Revolutionising Healthcare, a Conversation with Miriam Chickering.

On July 5th, 2023, our CEO at the Frank Foundation and founder of Nurses International, Miriam Chickering, joined host and CEO Brad Hammond on the Lifelong Customer Podcast. The Lifelong Customer Podcast focuses on discussing ways in which industry leaders are building lifelong relationships with their customers. On this special episode, the conversation with Miriam was entitled ‘Revolutionizing Healthcare, a conversation with Miriam Chickering.’

In this inspiring episode, Miriam shared her remarkable journey in global healthcare education. Pivotal moments in her journey began with volunteering as a tutor in a local nursing program which sparked the idea to tap into the opportunity to use her nursing education background to not only reach her local students but to create efficiencies in healthcare education which could potentially reach every healthcare student worldwide. 


Through global education efforts, enables learning institutions to expand the reach of healthcare education to address the projected shortfall of 10-15 million healthcare workers by 2030, predicted by the World Health Organization (WHO).


During the podcast, Miriam shared insights she has learned along the way and the continuous learning required to ensure steady growth. The importance of determination, problem-solving skills, and the ability to tap into global human resources while managing stringent budgets were evident in the discussions. She also shared about the strategic process of building a global team and insights into the incredible growth of from a team of 3 persons to 40 within 18 months during the pandemic when use skyrocketed. 

The engaging discussion delved into how the team navigated long hours, communicating in different time zones and languages, and showed resilience in the face of challenges while ensuring that quality and standards are never compromised. Valuable lessons were also shared about scaling projects while meeting acute user needs, ensuring holistic organizational growth, and maintaining integrity in the pursuit of improving global healthcare education. 


The entire episode is available at the following link:

Seema Persaud