Harnessing AI to Transform
Global Education

Scaling Global Education with Ethically Aligned      AI Deployment

In a recent transformative webinar titled “Scaling Global Education, An Ethically Aligned AI Deployment,” experts gathered to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) can serve as a potent tool in expanding educational resources worldwide. Bob Royce, the co-founder of The Understanding Group (TUG), hosted this insightful event that featured Miriam Chickering, CEO of NextGenU, and Daniel Heck, TUG’s AI ethicist.


The global reach of education is a pressing issue, as disparities in access to quality resources continue to pose significant challenges. In this second installment of a series focused on developing successful AI strategies that encourage human flourishing, participants were introduced to NextGenU’s journey and how they incorporate generative AI to accelerate their mission.

AI Is All Around Us

AI has seamlessly woven itself into our daily experiences, from planning trips to browsing photos. As Bob highlighted, we are amidst the era of intelligent machines that promise to revolutionize our work and creativity. But with the power of AI comes the necessity for care and precision, recognizing the “jagged frontier” of its capabilities—where AI’s responses can sometimes be misleading despite sounding convincing.

The NextGenU.org Story

Miriam Chickering illuminated how NextGenU.org leverages AI to democratize global education. NextGenU caters to a staggering one million monthly learning sessions and serves over 2,000 institutions worldwide while focusing on health professional and STEM teacher training. Utilizing AI has enabled a quantum leap from content curation to creation, producing localized and accessible curriculum materials.

STEPS Project: A Case Study                    in Innovation

The STEPS Project, funded by the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange, a joint endeavor with the International Development Research Centre, Canada, was designed to improve STEM education in primary schools in Benin, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. NextGenU.org exemplified the pivotal role of AI in creating vast educational content through this project. This endeavor, initially set to develop a handful of science lessons, magnified its output to 634 lessons with a mere 10% additional funding from NextGenU.org and AI integration—a testament to efficiency and scalability.

The Transformational Impact of AI Tools

The integration of AI has significantly expedited project timelines, reduced costs, and expanded NextGenU’s outreach capabilities. An organization that once took weeks to draft course structures can now accomplish this task in hours. This efficiency has not only empowered their workflows but also positioned them as a leader in accessible online education.

"Leveraging AI is our response to a moral imperative, rectifying educational injustices and making high-quality education equitable and accessible."
Miriam Chickering
CEO NextGenU.org

AI and Ethical Team Alignment

As we advanced through the webinar, Daniel Heck introduced us to the ethical management framework, underscoring the cultivation of human agency, authentic communication, and the alignment of team goals. This framework was essential in guiding NextGenU’s approach to AI integration, as they ensured that AI adoption enhanced their mission without compromising their commitment to education quality.

Looking to the Future

NextGenU.org’s innovative use of AI is paving the way for personalized, equitable, and universal education. They envision a world where AI-assisted grading systems and tutoring can provide consistent feedback and personalized instruction, addressing the stark educational inequities many face.


Final Thoughts

The webinar concluded with an open Q&A, fostering an engaging discussion that reinforced the power of AI in achieving scalable, high-quality global education. As illustrated by NextGenU.org’s experiences, AI, when ethically aligned and thoughtfully integrated, holds the promise of accelerating educational access and improving the quality of learning experiences worldwide.


With such advancements, we witness a new dawn where education transcends boundaries and becomes a universally accessible and equitable right facilitated by the intelligent application      of AI.


To learn more about NextGenU.org and its initiatives or to engage with their work, please visit their website or contact them for collaboration opportunities. As the journey of AI-assisted learning unfolds, let us embrace the potential and work collaboratively to create a brighter, more educated future for all.

You can access the video recording of the webinar by visiting https://understandinggroup.com/ethical-ai-alignment-december-webinar

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