For Universities

Is your institution considering offering a health science course or degree, but you don’t have the faculty to perform the lecture component? You can use’s offerings either in a completely offsite mode (including face-to-face videoconferencing, if you’d like). or in a “flipped classroom” mode (where trainees study’s resources before class, and discuss, perform labs, or do hands-on work during in-person times).

Select any of our courses and degrees, including the full Master's in Public Health, or resources for the MedSchoolInABox, Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, or Graduate Medical Education.

Your institution is welcome to offer these trainings with your mentorship provided for free, or to charge students tuition, if that’s what is needed to make this sustainable for you. Many partnering institutions offer the trainings to some for free, and to others at a reduced rate, and also give back to the community by co-developing and studying new courses to share. If you are interested in such intervention research, you may read about existing peer-reviewed studies of our efficacy here, and/or contact’s Founder, Dr. Erica Frank, MD, MPH, at Erica.Frank@UBC.Ca.