mhGAP Intervention Guide: for Mental, Neurological and Substance Use Disorders in Non-Specialized Health Settings (15 mins)

This training is based on the mhGAP goals and recommendations for the implementation of mental health services in primary care. To familiarize yourself with the rationale for doing so and how the mhGAP Intervention Guide works, please read the Introduction, General Principles of Care, and the Master Chart (pp. 1-8 in the document; pp. 10-21 on the page navigator). In this training, we will mostly focus on alcohol and other substance use disorders, including tobacco use. Although tobacco use is not covered in the mhGAP, it will be covered in other resources in this course). The training will also review when to refer to primary care practitioners with additional training in mental health and substance use disorders, for example, in cases of immediate risk of self-harm or danger to others and severe intoxication. NextGenU’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Substance Use Disorders: Identification and Management in Primary Care can assist practitioners in addressing those conditions, as well as commonly co-occurring conditions like depression and psychosis. Please save this document so that you can access it later in this course, as well as in your practice as a quick reference guide. You are welcome to review the rest of the mhGAP Intervention Guide to familiarize yourself with the World Health Organization's suggestions for addressing other priority conditions in primary care.