Mentored activity: Assessment of an emergency response team plan (for a mentored version). (Completion time: 4 hours)

For advanced audiences, we recommend the completion of this mentored activity require you to connect with a mentor holding a Master of Public Health(MPH) or equivalent degree to evaluate your work. 

As we want to ensure equitable access to the courses and understand the limitations of finding mentors in some regions, mentored activities are not required to take the final exam or get the certificate.

In this activity students will develop an assessment of an emergency response team plan from their region. 

Step 1: Review this Framework For Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Flood Emergency Management Systems In Europe, focusing on the 7 indicators proposed for the assessment of an emergency management plan.

Step 2: Choose a community or population that you are related to, and search for an emergency management plan developed for that specific community or population. 

Step 3: Write a 500-700 word assessment of the chosen emergency management plan according to the steps in the document provided above. 

Step 4: Compile your assignment in a document. Submit your assignment and wait for your mentor's feedback.