Mentored Activity: Patients’ Emotional Wellness

“All patients should be screened initially and periodically for signs of unhealthy stress responses and stress-related conditions such as depression”: ACLM guideline

  1. Invite your project patient for a medical visit.
  2. Ask about his/her emotional wellness (well-being).
  3. Apply the DASS questionnaire.
  4. Assess whether his/her emotional well-being needs to be improved.
  5. Offer components of emotional wellness self-management and ask for his/her thoughts.
  6. Assess ‘Importance’ and ‘Confidence’ - Can he/she incorporate a small stress reduction behavioral change to the Action Plan?
  7. Use motivational interview tools such as Open-ended questions, Affirmations, Reflective listening, etc., in order to increase the probability of success.
  8. Ask your patient to visit or phone weekly to report on his/her Action Plan, Successes, and Challenges. Adapt as needed.
  9. Write a summary of the visit and ask for your mentor’s reflections on it.