Mentored Activity: Pre-participation Health Screening and Exercise Prescription

  1. Invite your project patient for a medical visit.
  2. Propose an additional health benefit by adding physical activity to his/her weekly routine. If he/she is already exercising – great! Nevertheless, for your own benefit, you will apply pre-participation health screening on him/her.
  3. Determine what is important in his/her medical history and physical examination.
  4. Determine what is his/her Risk Stratification Category.
  5. Assess whether he/she needs further physical activity. Does he/she need to be referred to additional medical assessments?
  6. Determine the level of physical activity that would be beneficial to the patient.
  7. Assess ‘Importance’ and ‘Confidence’ - Can he/she add a small physical activity change to the action plan?
  8. Prepare an Exercise Prescription for the patient.
  9. Use motivational interview tools such as Open-ended questions, Affirmations, Reflective listening, etc., in order to enhance the probability of success.
  10. Ask your patient to visit or phone weekly to report on his/her Action Plan, Successes, and Challenges. Adapt the plan as needed.
  11. Write a summary of the visit and ask for your mentor’s reflections on it.