Topic Name
Lesson 1: Initial Assessments Quiz: Medical History Taking and Physical Examination
Lesson 2: Immediate Life-Threatening Conditions Quiz: Recognize immediate life-threatening conditions
Lesson 3: Patient Management Skills Quiz: Know patient management skills
Lesson 4: Health Promotion Quiz: Understand health promotion for the patient
Humanistic Qualities Quiz: Learn humanistic qualities
Presentation Skills Quiz: Know presentation skills
Medical Record Documentation Quiz: Understand medical record documentation
Information Technology Quiz: Effectively use information technology
Work Ethic Quiz: Establish a work ethic
Ethical Decision-making Quiz: Practice ethical decision-making
Professional Behavior Quiz: Practice professional behavior
Cardiac Arrest Quiz: Understand the approach to cardiac arrest
Chest Pain Quiz: Understand the approach to chest pain
Abdominal Pain Quiz: Understand the approach to abdominal pain
Gastrointestinal Bleeding Quiz: Understand the approach to gastrointestinal bleeding
Poisoning Quiz: Understand the approach to poisoning
Altered Mental Status Quiz: Understand the approach to altered mental status
Headache Quiz: Understand the approach to headache
Respiratory Distress Quiz: Understand the approach to respiratory distress
Shock Quiz: Understand the approach to shock
Trauma Quiz: Understand the approach to trauma
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Quiz: Understand abdominal aortic aneurysm
Acute Coronary Syndrome Quiz: Understand acute coronary syndrome
Acute Heart Failure Quiz: Understand acute heart failure
Aortic Dissection Quiz: Understand aortic dissection
DVT/Pulmonary Embolism Quiz: Understand DVT/pulmonary embolism
Hyperglycemia Quiz: Understand hyperglycemia
Hyperkalemia Quiz: Understand hyperkalemia
Hypoglycemia Quiz: Understand hypoglycemia
Thyroid Storm Quiz: Understand thyroid storm
Burns and Inhalation Quiz: Understand burns and smoke inhalation
Envenomation Quiz: Understand envenomation
Heat Illness Quiz: Understand heat illness
Hypothermia Quiz: Understand hypothermia
Drowning Quiz: Understand near drowning
Appendicitis Quiz: Understand appendicitis
Biliary Disease Quiz: Understand biliary disease
Bowel Obstruction Quiz: Understand bowel obstruction
GI Bleed Quiz: Understand massive GI bleed
Mesenteric Ischemia Quiz: Understand mesenteric ischemia
Perforated Viscus Quiz: Understand perforated viscus
Ectopic Pregnancy Quiz: Understand ectopic pregnancy
Pelvic inflammatory disease/Tubo-ovarian abscess Quiz: Understand pelvic inflammatory disease/Tubo-ovarian abscess
Ovarian Torsion Quiz: Understand ovarian torsion
Testicular Torsion Quiz: Understand testicular torsion
Acute Stroke Quiz: Understand acute stroke
Intracranial Hemorrhage Quiz: Understand intracranial hemorrhage
Meningitis Quiz: Understand meningitis
Epilepticus Quiz: Understand status epilepticus
The Agitated Patient Quiz: Understand the agitated patient
Suicidal Ideation Quiz: Understand suicidal thought/ideation
Asthma Quiz: Understand asthma
COPD Quiz: Understand COPD
Pneumonia Quiz: Understand pneumonia
Pneumothorax Quiz: Understand pneumothorax
Sepsis Quiz: Understand sepsis.
Peripheral Access Quiz: Demonstrate placement of an intravenous line
Central Venous Access  Quiz: Central Line Insertion
Basic Airway Management  Quiz: List the indications for emergent airway management
Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) Quiz: Basic airway management
Intubation Quiz: Advanced airway management
Cardiac Monitoring Quiz: Demonstrate the ability to apply leads and obtain a 12-lead electrocardiogram
Defibrillation Quiz: Recognize ventricular fibrillation and pulseless ventricular tachycardia
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Quiz: Demonstrate effective chest compressions
Nasogastric Intubation Quiz: List the indications for placement of a nasogastric tube, describe proper technique for insertion of a nasogastric tube, and describe complications
GU Catheterization Quiz: Demonstrate correct placement of a Foley catheter
Joint reduction Quiz: List the indications for emergency joint reduction and describe initial assessment of suspected dislocated joint
Initial trauma management Quiz: List the steps of primary survey in trauma
Basics of FAST Examination Quiz: List the components of a FAST ultrasound examination and recognize an abnormal FAST ultrasound examination
Preparation Quiz: List the factors that go into the decision to close a wound primarily. Describe the difference between a clean and dirty wound.
Anesthesia Quiz: Explain local and regional anesthetic techniques. Describe the maximum dose of lidocaine. Demonstrate application of local anesthesia.
Costs in the Emergency Department Quiz: Understand the indications, costs, risks, and evidence behind commonly performed emergency department diagnostic procedures
Follow-Up Plans Quiz: Recognize the importance of arranging appropriate follow-up plans for patients being discharged from the emergency department
Final Exam Emergency Medicine Final Exam