Peer Activity: Healthy nutrition

Search the web for nutrition prescriptions that are appropriate for your peer given his/her lifestyle and health status.

  1. Set a meeting with your peer and discuss each other’s experiences.
  2. Ask about his/her food shopping, eating, and cooking habits.
  3. Does he/she need to improve those habits?
  4. Is he/she overweight or obese? If so, use tools from this lesson to complement your recommendations. Be sensitive - weight is a delicate issue!
  5. Use motivational interview tools such as Open-ended questions, Affirmations, Reflective listening, etc., in order to enhance the probability of success.
  6. Offer changes if needed and ask for his/her thoughts on those changes.
  7. Assess ‘Importance’ and ‘Confidence’ - Can he/she add a small eating habit change to the Action Plan?
  8. Please write down the results in your Personal Health Behavior Change Worksheet and continue to follow each other on successes and challenges. Adapt as needed.
  9. Optional: write a summary of the visit and ask for your mentor’s reflections and feedback on it.