Mentored Activity: COPC in the Contemporary World

This activity is meant to foster continued community input and encourage you to value not only the experience of the community but your community mentor as well. After reading the required resources in this module discuss what you learned from them with your community mentor.

Your mentor may also be interested in reading the articles before your discussion, so be sure to ask ahead of time. If your mentor has not read the resources, give adequate context; alternatively, simply ask your mentor any questions you may have about the resources. For instance, you can simply explain some of the global issues introduced and then ask what your mentor thinks about them. Be sure to listen to your community mentor carefully and respect their opinions. However, feel free to share your own opinions. The idea here is to engage in a conversation that allows you and your mentor to discuss complex issues on egalitarian grounds even if you both come from very different backgrounds. Do not be surprised if the conversation naturally veers away from the readings.