Mentored Activity: Detailed Assessment of the Selected Health Problem

The fourth step of the COPC process is the “Detailed Assessment of the Selected Health Problem.” In this stage, it is important to collect additional and specific information about the selected health condition. A brief description of detailed assessment can be found on the DC (District of Columbia) AHEC websiteBegin by reading the DC AHEC document on “Detailed Assessment” or by clicking on the link “d_detailedassessment.doc” found under the heading “d_COPC Process - Stage 4: Detailed Assessment”.  Next, develop a set of questions and interview your community mentor as well as other community members in order to gather information about the selected health condition. Your set of questions might include how it affects daily lives, how people feel about the condition, what they witness in the community, etc.

Following the reading, the interviews, and your research, write a detailed 600 to 900 word text assessing the health condition in your defined community. Consider what you want or need to know about the selected health condition, what are the data collection methods, and whether they are valid and reliable. The DC AHEC document on “Detailed Assessment” provides you with an example, but yours may or may not follow the same format.

Your assessment should include:

  • A definition of the population (all or certain sub-groups)
  • Assessment of health status, determinants and outcomes related to the specific condition
  • Methods of data collection
  • Limitations of the collected and available data (e.g., what questions remain?)

Please note: You do not need to submit your text for peer review, but feel free to get feedback from your mentor. However, you will use what you wrote to complete your project proposal in Module 4. As such, make sure you save you 600 to 900 word text that assesses the health condition in your defined community in detail.

The document is in an Office file format. You can download a viewer here if you do not have Office software. For a list of all plugins, click here.