Mentor Discussion #1: Talking about Community Adaptations to Climate Change

With your climate change and health mentor/professor (if you have one to help guide you through this course), discuss locally relevant ways to improve your community’s response to climate change. How might you increase awareness in your community or encourage participation in activities to mitigate the effects of climate change?

  • You likely have many communities you interact with – personal, professional, neighborhoods, etc. Do you believe that people in your communities are aware of the potential effects of climate change? If not, how might you educate them?
  • What points do people in your communities need to understand about climate change that they don’t yet? Identify what you think are the top 3 essential messages that still need to be comprehended in climate change, and what you can do in your communities about it -- how might you get some of your communities to change some of their behaviors to meaningfully reduce GHG emissions?
  • Do local programs exist to mitigate the effects of climate change? If so, how might you encourage higher levels of participation? If not, what programs would encourage members of your community to collectively reduce GHG emissions (e.g., incentives for public transit and car share programs, promotion of non-beef foods, affordable facilities for teleconferencing vs. flying, capturing methane from landfills or manure storage facilities, etc.)?

We estimate that this exercise should take you approximately 0.5-1 hour. Please let us know HERE afterwards how long it actually took you so we may refine this estimate.